What To Do In Bahrain?

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Bahrain might have a rough exterior but it’s definitely place to visit when thinking about coming to the Gulf or the Middle East in general.

There are a lot of hidden gems in Bahrain and specifically Manama.   Bahrain has a huge cultural history and it gets referred to as the hidden Garden of Eden.  Bahrain isn’t for everyone, but see past the imperfections and you can have a good time here.

One good thing about the island is the souks.  Selling near enough everything from spices to scarfs, the markets in Manama are a place where you can pick up a bargain.

The Grand Mosque is another great attraction to go and visit. Beautifully designed and overall a must see when you come here.  Welcoming and friendly, don’t miss out.

Visit the pottery stores while in Manama.  Get great deals, this is another place to come for great souvenirs.

The Bahrain Exhibition Centre is a great place for events. The upcoming Middle East Petrotech is worth stopping by for too.

Bahrain is great for a short break. A couple of days is enough. It’s tiny so you can get round everything you need to in quick succession.

There are loads of serviced apartments and hotels to choose from, finished to the highest quality, you’ll be well looked after.

The island is waiting for you.