The Right Philosophy For Paris

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One of the most popular European destinations to visit is of course Paris. It’s city with a lot of history, beauty, culture and everything else in between. Let’s find out more about some tips when visiting the city. 

When you’re in Paris you should plan what you want to see because there’s so much to do and see. If you’re in a city break you might not see everything you want to.  Try to avoid coming in August as all the restaurants are closed due to everyone being on vacation. Also, it’s so warm; you can’t really go outside much.

It’s much better to make dinner reservations in restaurants. Paris is always busy so understand it might be difficult to get a table at the place you want without calling in beforehand

Believe it or not, Paris is friendly. But at the same time, big city rules apply like in New York or London.  Smiling or approaching strangers isn’t recommended as you might not get the reply or the reaction you wanted even if you’re a tourist.

Build rapport with shop assistants and staff in restaurants. The French will appreciate the gesture and will note you’re understanding of the local culture instead of being a misinformed tourist.

One final tip is on the dress sense within Paris. It’s okay to wear shorts on occasion. But if you’re entering the Art Paris Art Fair at Grand Palais for example, wearing smart trousers and shoes is recommended.

Paris is a city of wonder, excitement and wanderlust, by following these tips you’ll probably get more out of your trip that you initially thought.