Living it up in London Part 3: Beauty Hotspots

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Let’s go from top to toe and show all the beauty hot spots dotted around London, shall we?

London Beauty Spots

London is a ridiculously pretty city and so are a lot of the people that live there. For all the time we spend huddled together on the tube, sweating it out in the gym or roughing it out in the queue for The Breakfast Club in Soho on a Sunday morning (although I have hear the one on Southwark Street has the shortest ones), there are some spots dotted around town that specialise in treatments that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. In today’s blog post I’ll be working my way down the body to show some of the treatments you can get in the capital.

Head: Hair Tattoo

Here’s something I bet you’ve never seen before. Bald men across town can now get their entire head tattooed so it looks like they just like to keep their hair nice and tight. This is one of the weirder cosmetic treatments I’ve come across, and this is from someone who has been down the rabbit hole on YouTube of watching people get their earlobes extended and corset piercings down their back. Now while it’s commonly referred to as a tattoo, I’ve done a little reading on it and found out that professionals don’t like to call it a tattoo as the needles they use aren’t like a tattoo gun and it’s more focused on redefining pigmentation on a hair by hair basis rather than simply dabbing the needle a couple hundred times.

I found out too that there are women who use this type of hair recovery treatment for hair loss of very thin hair as well.

Face: Microdermabrasion

While London may have the most green space of any city in the UK, all that pollution in the air and daily grind can put your face through the ringer. And while a cheap rub on face mask from Boots might be a good idea for a night in, there are loads of different exfoliating treatments for the face. One of the most incredible I’ve come across is the microdermabrasion facial. It’s like a magical wand that is passed over your skin (in most cases the face). It spits out and sucks in tiny crystals that constantly move to exfoliate every little nook and cranny of your face. Mostly it is used to get all the bits of dirt and grime off your face that a million face-wipes would never be able to, but because it is quite powerful at scrubbing skin, it is also used for wrinkles, acne and oily skin. 

Your face might be a little sensitive afterwards but I’ve been informed it’s nothing worse than when you get it a good scrub in the shower.

Hands: Hyaluronic acid

Are hands are a lot tougher than we give them credit for. With all the constant friction we put them through, its surprising that they can stay as supple for so long. For people with lines, wrinkles and deep set parts on their hands, a crazy way to treat it is to THROW ACID ON IT. Well not necessarily throw, but a slight injection under the skin before a doctor gives your knuckles a good rub. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that we can all have in our bodies. It’s like a more natural version of Botox, only instead of pumping things up it instead smooths them out.

It is also used on the face if you’re brave enough and the neck and chest.

Tummy: Wrap

I like to refer to tummy wraps as someone turning themselves in to one big burrito for a hour or two. If you don’t know what a tummy  wrap, essentially it is a treatment where someone will lather either a cream or clay solution all over your and then wrap your body either in foil, plastic wrap (like a sandwich) or dressings. You then lie down on a bed and sweat it out for an hour while wrapped up tight. While it isn’t a certified way of losing weight, it is supposed to slim your waistline down by a few inches at least which helps to take away the stress of knowing whether you’ll fit in that dress for dinner.


Feet: Pedicure (With A Twist)

Are you ticklish and afraid of flying? Then you probably don’t want to take a visit for the funky and friendly MW Nails. This nail salon has gained a reputation for having the entire inside and staff decorated to look like air stewardesses form the 1970’s. They offer everything you’d expect from a nail salon, but have a VIP section aka First Class, where you can get a pedicure in a first class seat while your belongings are of course stored away safely in the overhead locker.

So that’s how you can get sorted from top to toe about London. Come back soon when our next post will look at the best foody spots in the city.