Living It Up In London Part 2

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Some cities have too much going on to be covered in just one post which is why we decided to break our look at London in to Two.

It goes without saying that London is not only one of the best cities in Europe but one of the best in the world. Visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is every inch the cosmopolitan city that we would expect.

We mentioned how important the entertainment factor is to visitors coming to London with Theater, Cinema, Music and more playing a huge part in attracting people to the city.


Business is another huge factor that will draw a great many visitors to London but the thing we are going to look at is the world famous medical care that is available in London.

As well as being home to several major hospitals there are a number of private medical care centers that are at the forefront of their fields.

Harley street is famous for being the home of a lot of these medical experts and you can find The LOC, leaders in Oncology here. With some of the top names in their respective fields, this private cancer care clinic has helped many people overcome terrible illnesses. If you are asking yourself, What is Oncology? head over to their site to find out more with information on the different specialties and consultants including Dr Paul Ross.


As well as important medical developments there are a number of highly respected cosmetic surgery clinics in London specialising in everything from Botox to hair transplant surgery. Though there are still some detractors in this field there are benefits from medical to psychological and as techniques are improved and made safer, results also improve and costs drop too.


No matter your intended visit to London you will struggle to find a spare minute with so many excellent things to see and do here. Being able to do a bit of research prior to any visit will help you plan things out and can also save you money on travel if you find the right location to book your hotel in.

It is also possible to find cheaper deals for sights and attractions online so booking before you go will not only help you plan ahead but can save you money in the long run too.


One of London’s newest accommodation options is the new Luxury Accommodation in Lincoln Square London which has been made by the world famous Lodha Group, who have a huge name for themselves for the work that they have done in India among other countries. These apartments are said to be one of Londoners most desirable locations and rooms. Below is photos of the award winning apartments which are now selling fast.

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