Living It Up In London

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London is one of the most iconic cities not just in the UK but also in Europe. Lets find out all the need to know facts about the British capital right here.

London is one of those world cities where you need to visit. There’s so much to do and see you don’t really know where to start. If you’re after a bit of city culture then you’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy the likes of the British Museum, The National Gallery and the Southbank Centre which is home to the famous London Eye and Royal Festival Hall.  Visit the likes of the London Eye to get great views of the London Skyline and further afield.

Another part of visiting the city is of course the great nightlife that’s on offer. Great bars, clubs and everything else in between. If you’re from abroad then you can’t come to the city without trying out a typical London pub and a pint of beer.

There are so many other events and shows in places such as the west end and venues such as the Royal Albert Hall. The Albert Hall hosts hosts of musicals and shows, one which we recommend is the Titanic Live show. Relive the movie in real life. This is a show not to miss.

When In London, experience as much as you can as the city offers a lot for new tourists and returning visitors.


London also continues to be one of the most creative and innovative cities in Europe, with some of the most forward thinking and popular design agencies in the world. Pearlfisher being one of which, that is one of London’s biggest exports when it comes to a branding agency. Designing for the likes of Starbucks, Cadburys and Lurpak to name a few in a star-struck list. With many of the most experienced designers in the world aswell as many up-coming designers fresh out of study – Pearlfisher is probably one of the worlds biggest design agencies. Have a look at some of their work here pearlfisher branding strategy, where you can get a more descriptive idea of the company.