Costa Rican Bond Lair

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If you want to take a vacation on a dream ocean property, this jungle home on the Costa Rican coast is what you’d want. For $700 a night you can live the life of luxury in a three bed, three bath villa that offers a view from the infinity pool that’s usually reserved for the cover of a travel mag.

The property is wisely divided in to two sections. The more private section houses all the bedrooms. Each has its own deck area facing the ocean. The accompanying bathrooms all have slatted covers to maintain a level of privacy.

On top of this block is a rooftop garden/sun deck. It’s quite unusual to find one of these in an ocean property, but with the home functioning as a vacation spot it’s not hard to see why they did this.

The other block in the villa is made to be a party paradise. The lower ‘basement’ area is an open air deck. The complete coverage it offers would suit when you can’t handle the heat. The defining feature for us is the infinity pool that is linked to the open plan living space. We don’t advise anyone to go swimming just after having something to eat, but it would be too tempting if you stayed here.

You might bemoan the fact that the living room doesn’t have a TV. But when you have a view like that to take in, you’re already spoiled for choice.

If you’re looking for something similar but a bit closer to home there a plenty of UK estate agents who will be happy to help you find your spy cave.