Boogie On Down In Budapest

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Budapest is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the whole of Europe. Let’s delve into this unique place and check out the best places to visit.

Being a city break destination, it’s likely that you would visit here for 4 or 5 days. You can get through a lot as the city isn’t huge but choose wisely where you go.

Maybe the best time of year to visit Budapest is in the Autumn because you can view the whole of the city from the idyllic Danube Bridge.  The temperatures will be warm enough to take a great stroll around the streets without feeling the cold.

Get a bargain down in Budapest with the weak currency.  You’ll find everything you want in the boutique shops and high street branded stores.

The nightlife in Budapest is unrivalled. One of the cultural inventions of the city is the ruin bars or the “Kert” as their locally know.  Abandoned or derelict buildings have been transformed into hipster bars where you can drink and enjoy. Most of the ruin bars close during the winter months but Ellato is open year round, closing at 4am at weekends.

There are many hotels and serviced apartments to stay in while in the city. From the budget to the expensive, Budapest is a city for everyone.

One other stop on your visit here is to the prestigious Budapest Opera House. Fantastic and beautiful are not enough words to describe the architectural brilliance of the place.

When visiting, plan your days so you get out of it what you really want.