Advice When Visiting Dubai

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The UAE might be not be the cheapest destination in the world to visit but it doesn’t mean you’ll be coming back poor and helpless. The point is, you don’t have to pay extortionate prices when visiting the likes of Dubai.

The city of Dubai is popular with people from all over Europe and Northern America for holidays as well as business – and as the local population increases, the demand for accommodation, food and everything else increases in price but you can still budget when visiting here.

There are a lot of places to stay in Dubai. If you’re looking for high end apartments or hotels, then you’ll find them here as their definitely in abundance.

What is surprising though, you might be able to get a great deal as a lot of hotels run special offers, loyalty cards and last minute cut price rooms which sometimes cost a fraction of the original price.

Flights are a sticking point. They can be very expensive. Again though, it’s worth noting that certain carriers offer great deals for loyal customers and can sometimes offer cheaper tickets when cancellations happen. If you’re looking at comparison websites it’s best to delete your ‘history’ and ‘cookies’ as if you keep going back to check the site, they will increase the price each time you visit.

When in town, visiting attractions and everything else, it’s best to check entry price before arriving. Look at other websites which might give discounts, or sites where other people document their own cost saving ideas which you could then use too.

If you’re here on business there are many industry events on in Dubai throughout the year. For example, the Hotel show at the Dubai World Trade which takes place in September. Buying in advance means you get a better deal. (again)

Dubai is a city constantly evolving, so it’s worth a visit no matter the cost, as it’s one of those places where you’ll never want to leave.