Advice On Taking A Trip To Geneva

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There are a number of reasons you might be visiting Geneva. It could be for family, it could be for a short business trip or even as part of your European tour. To get the best out of your visit to one of Switzerland’s main cities, here at Materika we’ve put together some pointers to make your Geneva trip as memorable as possible.

Okay, so you’re really excited about getting out the country in January. let’s be honest we don’t blame you. January is a slow month. The weather isn’t good and its a long, long time till pay day. So time away can recharge the batteries. The first thing is if we would suggest you do if you’re planning on going away at this time of year is to book your flight ticket as quickly as possible. Search online on a number of compare websites such as SkyScanner or Momondo. Here’ you can get the best deals possible so you can spend more money when you’re in the city itself, and as you probably know, Geneva isn’t the cheapest place.

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Another thing to think about is what type of accommodation you’re after when in town. This is mainly down to your budget and how long you’re in town for. Whether you’re choosing serviced apartments near the city centre or a short hostel trip for a couple of days. There are so many options to choose from, you can have what you want here in Geneva.

Geneva has a fantastic jewellery collection. If you’re a fan of the sparkly stuff then you’re in heaven here.  Many big brands are around the city centre so you have the best products at your fingertips right here.

If you’re a ski fan, you can get amazing deals, again if you book early. There are full day trips available to Mont Blanc and Chamonix and to the unrivalled views of the European Alps. Enjoy a drive through the countryside on the way to these resorts.


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If you think ahead with booking your flights for example, you can have a relatively cost effective trip to one of the most important European cities.