A Park Like No Other

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The Manuel Antonio National Park is the second biggest park in Costa Rica. In our eyes it’s the first and only destination you need to visit if you want to see all the best that Costa Rica’s natural resources have to offer.

This park is popular because at one point it nearly didn’t become one. In the 1970s private investors set their sights on leveling the place for development. The bill was saved with only a few minutes left to go and the people nearby have enjoyed this slice of paradise ever since.

Hikers love going here because the range of trails and scenery on offer is so varied. Because it’s right on the coast there are hundreds of coves to explore. There are even coral reefs off some more secluded coves.

One thing that also entertains those who visit is the chance to see monkeys roam around the park. There’s a good chance you’ll see a Capuchin swinging about. The more eagle eyed visitor will be able to spot sloths also hanging from branches.

The best time of day to go is in the late afternoon. When the heat had settles down you usually find surfers fresh from work who attack the waves with flurry. Two of the beaches in the park (Manuel Antonio & Espadilla Sur) offer you the chance to go snorkeling around, although its best to go in the morning instead when the sunshine lets you see more marine life.

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