5 Reasons to Visit Greece

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Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe with hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to the country each year. Find out 5 of the top reasons as to why you should be visiting Greece this summer

1. Sun, sea and sand
Ok so technically that’s three things but they are intertwined and one of the biggest reasons that holidaymakers choose Greece to enjoy some time in the sun. With a warm Mediterranean climate which means long hot summers and nearly 400 Blue Flag quality beaches as well as the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea. But just how nice can it be in Greece?

Well let’s throw our fingers randomly on a map and point at Crete, one of the most well known islands in the country. Well the average temp in the summer is just a mightily impressive 26°C every day, and even in the winter it never dips below 14°C (although that 89mm of rainfall in December can put a dampener on Christmas for about 2 hours)


2. The History
Greece is also a serious heavyweight when it comes to history and historical sites, with an impressive 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites scattered throughout the mainland and Greek islands. With its fascinating Greek mythology and the sites and ruins still there to back it up, make sure you bring your walking shoes as there is sure to be plenty of site-seeing when you visit Greece. The country’s impact over the world is much bigger than most people realise and even a quick crash course in their history is impressive:


3. The Watersports
Thanks to its lovely sparkling blue waters and fantastic weather, Greece is also a brilliant place to try out some watersports. If you’ve booked a family holiday to Greece, then this is also a perfect way to keep the kids entertained. From kayaking, to paddle-boarding, to snorkeling and wind-surfing there are loads of different activities to get involved in.

4. The Food
Yet another point in Greece’s favour, is its wonderful Mediterranean food that is prized and enjoyed the world over. With regional specialities including feta, ouzo, honey, greek yoghurt, lamb and fresh fish it is actually a pretty healthy diet too, and a lovely one to enjoy whilst you are on your holidays. If you’re someone who loves being on a “holiday diet” but dreads the notion of coming back home a few pounds heavier, this is the stuff you should be eating. Once you get past the richness of their chesse and deserts ,Greeks actually like their mains to be light and diverse. Trust me, a dinner plate on holiday will be more colourful than 100 bog standard pizza & chips from a restaurant where the menu is organised by flags.

5. The Price
Considering all of its incredible qualities, Greece is also a pretty reasonably priced holiday destination to visit too, with package holidays making holidaying there easy and hassle-free. With the Euro in place there is no frantic working out of different currencies either. A word to the wise, anyone from the UK & Ireland has is taking a notion to travel to Greece should look online for a Thomas Cook discount that will help save them money on a holiday.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and visit Greece! You won’t come back with the wisbom of Plato or Socretes, but you will have had a Mediterranean country that is often under the radar.